Neoga District Library


13 Ways To Eat A Fly by Sue Heavenrich (Feb 2023)

A Spoonful Of Murder by Robin Stevens (March 2023)

A Walk In The Dark And Other Scary Stories by Max Brallier (January 2023)

Bear Builds A House by Maxwell Eaton III (Feb 2023)

Billy and Rose Forever Friends by Amy Hest (Feb 2023)

Dress-Up Day by Blanca Gomez (Feb 2023)

Friends Are Friends Forever by Dane Liu (Feb 2023)

Hydroponic Hijinks by Rie Neal (Feb 2023)

Maxine by Bob Graham (Feb 2023)

Mountain Runaways by Pam Withers (Feb 2023)

Mr Watson's Chickens by Jarrett Dapier (Feb 2023)

My Pet Goldfish by Catherine Rayner (Feb 2023)

Not Enough Lollipops by Megan Maynor (Feb 2023)

Oh, Sal by Kevin Henkes (January 2023)

The Big Sting by Rachelle Delaney (March 2023)

The Islanders by Mary Alice Monroe (Feb 2023)

Where The Lost Ones go by Akemi Dawn Bowman (January 2023)

Zaras Rules for Finding Hidden Treasure by Hena Khan (January 2023)